Ch. Adanna African Spirit

Calling name: Loa

Date of bearth: 23.12.2007


Breeder: Blanka Grošić

kennel African Spirit, Croatia

Place of bearth: Sisak - Croatia

Place of living: Ljubljana – Slovenia


Color: red/white (tricolor gen)

Hight: 43 cm

Lenght: 43 cm

Weight: 9,5 kg

Fanconi sindrom: clear (direct test)

Eyes: clear - PPM, PRA and Katarakt free

PRA-BJ1/Basenji night blindness (DNK test): clear/normal

Hips: A1

Thyroid: normal TgAA: negative

Show titles:

International champion - CH INT

Croatia champion - CH CRO

Montenegro champion - CH MNE

Slovenian champion - CH SLO

Slovenian junior champion -JCH SLO

3x BOG II.

1x BOG Veteran I.

1x BOG Veteran II.


14x BOB

3x Best Veteran


14x CAC

4x PRM

1x BIS Baby

Loa was born third, the first female, and at birth her weight was 216g. We first met when she was 4 weeks old. It was love at first sight and I knew immediately that she will go home with me. At the age of 9 weeks we went to pick her up and since than Loa is part of our family and follows me wherever it's possible. 😆

Loa is a kind girl with a very strong character. When she isn't in fond of someone or something she shows it very clearly and effectively. She is very curious, she puts her nose into everything and nothing happenes in our house without her. She loves endless runing with friends, running in high grass, rolling on the fresh mown grass, sunbathing and squeezing at hot radiator in winter. She is crazy about food. She loves milk products (yoghurt, ice cream, sweet/sour cream, cheese), meat in all forms (especially hot dogs), bananas, and cooked leek and zucchini! She doesn't have obedient school but she is rather obedient and knows a few commands: sit, lie down, paw, another paw, give me 5, both pows, kiss, right turn and left turn. She hates the rain and wet grass, but puddles and mud doesn't bother her. She goes into the water by herself, to the ankles, but she is afraid of waves. She is very attached to members of her pack and incredibly happy when we get home, and moste of all she loves to cuddle and curry.